The Lake House by Kate Morton


Hello Momu Book Readers!

Here we are again with another book that the lads have read with the human girl, we are very much enjoying doing some reading – it is ever such fun.

What’s the book called?

The Lake House by a lady called Kate Morton

Who read it?

Peter and Daisy.

What’s the book about?

There are two stories going on at once, both of them puzzly things.  One of them is about a child who disappeared in the 1930s and the other is about a detective in 2003 trying to solve a disappearing mother case.  She is naughty and talks to the newspapers so is on a break from work, so she looks into the old case to try and work that one out too.

Did you enjoy it?

Yes, it was well written and there were nice words about the countryside and nature things.

What was your favourite part?

There was a lad!!  Also trying to work out some more puzzles was fun.

What was not so good?

The ending was very neat – maybe a bit too neat for lad tastes, we rolled our lad eyes a bit.

Would you read it again?

The girl had already read this one before, but her human brain had forgotten a lot of it.  So we might read it again once her brain loses the story again.  Poor humans…

Paws out of 5 rating?

4 paws out of 5

Read 12th June – 17th June 2017  

More reading soon,

Love Momu x